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Current Covers: Tribeca Film Festival 2012
current tv, 2012
written and produced by:
Win Rosenfeld

Camera by:
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For many native New Yorkers like myself, the first Tribeca Film Festival in 2002 was a breath of fresh air. The brainchild of Producer Jane Rosenthal and the Taxi Driver himself, Robert De Niro, Tribeca was conceived in response to the attacks of 9/11 as a means of drawing tourism back to the economically-strapped neighborhood. But almost immediately, it turned into something much more than that. In just one short decade, the Tribeca Film Festival has become a world class annual event for the global artistic community.

This year the festival was more dynamic than ever, boasting a rich slate of films both documentary and narrative, short and feature-length from all around the globe. It's the rare event where a small, shoestring love story like Kat Coiro's While We Were Here, sits comfortably next to the box-office behemoth The Avengers. Many of the films featured are being seen by audiences for the first time, which is in itself is an intoxicating thing to experience. However even more fun to watch are the directors and actors experiencing audiences for the first time responding to their blood, sweat and celluloid.

Current Covers caught up with a few of those filmmakers to get some insight into their films and what Tribeca means to them.

Morgan Spurlock

Kat Coiro